How to create LinkedIn video ads that perform ?

How to create LinkedIn video ads that perform ?

According to a study conducted by LinkedIn, video ads earn 30% more comments per impression than static image ads. How can you run LinkedIn video ads that convert?

Lot of the analysis conducted by LinkedIn is on the video itself. Not all companies have the capability or resources to professionally produce a video. However, we took out some takeaways that may be applicable to all B2B advertisers on LinkedIn.

Get to your point fast
How to create LinkedIn video ads that perform
How to create LinkedIn video ads that perform ?

The first few seconds of your video are the most important. Your content needs to hook in your audience and should get straight to the point before your prospect scrolls down.  If you have a generic introduction for all your videos, you should ditch them. 

Caption your videos always

LinkedIn has reported that 79% of videos on the platform are watched with audio off. Lot of the time videos are watched while people are commuting, maybe in crowded environments such as at the office. Audio is automatically turned off.  Which makes captioning the videos supremely important. Get good at silent storytelling, videos that do not rely on dialogues between people to convey the idea, with effective use of text overlays.

Use text overlays, but sparingly 

Use text overlays to drive home points; however, keep it short – long text is detrimental. A sentence should ideally be not longer than 4-7 words. It doesn’t work well if the audience has to read through the entire video. The speed of reading varies between people. 

A square format performed better than other formats

Square videos perform higher than vertical, horizontal video ads. The study conducted by LinkedIn reported 56% higher engagement for square format videos vs other sizes. The CTR is higher as well for video ads– a 6.5% increase was reported for square format. 

Bright colours stand out in the LinkedIn feed

Bright colours that catch the eye are good at getting LinkedIn users to start watching your video. The content of the video then has to engage to keep them watching.

Animated gifs performed worse compared to videos

It’s better to make a video of at least 6 seconds rather than an animated gif. Videos that are repetitive perform just as bad as animated gifs.

A talking head format work well

Videos that feature a close up of a person speaking to the camera perform well.  Such videos are easy to produce, and often do not require a professional set up. Such videos can be cheap to produce and can even be shot with mobile phone.

Stories people can relate to work well

A case study or a video that shows your solution in the real life of your customer. What people can relate to, works well. 

Keep the above in mind while creating your video ad. Creating your first video ad on LinkedIn? Need expert advice on how to create LinkedIn video ads that convert? 

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