Why every B2B company should use LinkedIn Advertising

Why every B2B company should use LinkedIn Advertising

If you are a B2B company, LinkedIn is where your audience is, and is undoubtedly one of the best platforms out there for you to advertise in. LinkedIn advertising can offer a lot for B2B companies than Google, Facebook or Instagram can.

Here is why LinkedIn advertising can be a great lead generation tool for your B2B company

LinkedIn advertising generates 80% of all B2B marketing leads from social media

Target by Professional Attributes: Unlike most other social media platforms, LinkedIn allows you to target your advertisements based on the audience’s professional attributes, and not just demographics. This means that you would be able to target specific companies, job titles, job seniorities, job functions, skills and much more. With this high level of targeting, there is no need to guess who sees your ads.

Decision-makers are on LinkedIn:
In B2B space, it’s crucial that you reach the decision-makers. Good news is that 10% of LinkedIn members are decision-makers, the people who can decide or have an influence on the decision on whether to buy your product/service or not. With LinkedIn ads, you can reach these decision-makers directly.

High quality leads: The ability to target by professional attributes mean that you can cut through the audience that is not relevant for you and reach just the ones you want to. Studies by LinkedIn show that 80% of B2B marketing leads from social media are generated through LinkedIn.

Higher conversion rates: Businesses typically advertise to get more customers – and LinkedIn advertising has one of the best conversion rates out there. A HubSpot study recorded a 6.1% conversion rate for LinkedIn advertisements, compared to a 2.58% for Google Ads.

Are you using LinkedIn advertising? Not sure where to start?

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