How to get high CTR on LinkedIn Advertisements?

How to get high CTR on LinkedIn Advertisements?

Intelligent targeting and great creatives result in high CTR on LinkedIn advertisements.

Nothing is as important a metric as CTRs are for your LinkedIn advertisement campaigns. The average CTR for LinkedIn sponsored content is between 0.4 to 0.65.

While this is an average, we always aim for a CTR of 1% or higher and iterate till we get there.

Advertisements that don’t generate clicks get penalized by LinkedIn, causing you to lose money due to high CPC and lower conversions.

How to get higher CTRs?

The simple answer to this question is to run advertisements that generate interest in the people who see them. Easier said than done, but it boils down to

Right Targeting
How to get high CTR on LinkedIn Advertisements?
Right targeting is important to get a high CTR on LinkedIn Ads

There is not so much to gain in showing an ad about customer experience to a cyber security professional. Narrow down your audience to the right industry, the right companies, the right job titles, the right job functions, etc. A good audience size to aim for is between 50k to 500k. Its important that you keep changing your ad content and creatives if you are targeting to smaller audience sizes. If not, expect low engagement and low CTRs.

How to get high CTR on LinkedIn advertisements
Great Creatives

Assuming the ad is being displayed to an audience that is relevant, the creative, the ad copy must garner interest from them. The ad should offer something informative/useful or offer to solve a problem your target persona is facing. Image ads work better than others- make sure that the image itself conveys what you want to say even if the prospect does not read through the copy. Keywords that are relevant for your audience, imagery that are related to their profession are all good ideas. Even when some of your creatives are bringing great results, it is a good practice to keep trying out new creatives- especially if you want to keep targeting the same audience for longer.

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